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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services

Your commercial cleaning services contract will be custom designed to meet the needs of your specific facilities, building occupants and budget.  Our Janitorial services can be completed during or after business hours, daily, weekly or monthly.  A detailed cleaning plan will be developed to schedule and specify each area to be cleaned, the service functions to be performed, particular products to be used, and will include any specialized requirements.

DRB StepUpClean™

Going beyond typical cleaning protocols to eliminate pathogens that transmit illness and disease, our StepUpClean™ program takes additional measures to protect the health and well-being of building occupants and clients.


1. Step Up Hygiene and Safety

As part of the StepUpClean™ service, we recommend the implementation of personal disinfecting guidelines to reduce exposure when utilized in coordination with your regularly scheduled cleaning.  We also encourage strategically placing hand sanitizing stations and disinfectant wipes throughout your building for supplemental attention to common spaces as well as high-touch surfaces between scheduled cleanings to deter the spread of contagions.


2. Step Up to the Latest Disinfecting Technology

Using the latest technology, disinfecting processes can be added to your daily maintenance program that include:

• Special attention to high-touch surfaces such as; desktop surfaces and office equipment, doors, elevator buttons, reception chairs, stair railings, refrigerator handles and more.

• Employing Electrostatic Disinfection accompanied by the use of previously EPA approved chemicals for use against diff, MRSA, Norovirus, VRE, and other increasingly common antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

• Evaluation, training, and implementation of existing and emerging products and technology.


3. Step Up Cleaning Frequencies

In coordination with the above-mentioned protocols, increasing the frequency of your cleaning schedule for disinfecting is essential. Additionally, understanding revised office usage patterns and seating arrangements can align with these frequencies to ensure optimal results.


With over 25 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on DRB for all of your building maintenance and commercial cleaning service needs.

  • 25 Years Experience – Founded in 1993
  • MBE Certified
  • Boston Headquarters
  • Privately Owned
  • 725+ Employees Strong – Union Company
  • 24/7 Response


    • Every Service Contract Includes:

      • Detailed Scope of Services
      • Transition Plan
      • Quality Control Inspections
      • Responsive Supervisor & Executive Team
      • Continuous Staff Training
      • Safety & Security Protocols
      • First-Rate Cleaning Products & Equipment
      • Review Meetings – Scheduled and As Needed
    • Commercial Cleaning Services:

      • Carpet Care
      • Hard-Surface Floor Cleaning
      • Entrance Cleaning
      • Lobby Cleaning
      • Kitchen/Cafeteria Cleaning
      • Restroom Cleaning & Restocking
      • Furniture Dusting
      • Office Systems Dusting
      • Window Washing
      • Waste Removal
      • Recycling
      • Sanitation Procedures
    • Other Services:

      • Day Porters
      • On-Call Emergency Service
      • Green Cleaning Solutions
      • Project-Based Janitorial Services
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