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First Deal Made Through Boston Chamber’s Pacesetters Initiative

First Deal Made Through Boston Chamber’s Pacesetters Initiative

DRB Facility Services is thrilled to be awarded the first contract through BEI and the Pacesetters Initiative. While DRB has been in business for over 20 years and exceeds $12M in annual revenues, BEI has been invaluable in this endeavor. BEI is helping DRB achieve sustainable growth and Tufts Health Plan is a great example of matching our company’s experience, processes and capabilities with the needs of market leaders. The service contract with Tufts Health Plan represents a union of diversity and value.

Our company’s commitment to enhance service quality with our integrated approach to cleaning, creates a win-win value proposition for both organizations. Tufts Health Plan’s decision to work with diversity suppliers benefits the entire community as well.

DRB has a legacy of helping other women- and minority-owned businesses, as well as the Greater Boston community. Company President, Anthony Samuels currently serves on the Governor’s Black Advisory Commission, and DRB has worked extensively with the Boys & Girls Club of Roxbury and ABCD. BEI and Pacesetters are helping companies like Tufts Health Plan achieve best overall value while supporting the community.


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